Do you want to improve your sports performance? Need to improve your game?
Want to build a stronger team? Need meet the league! Want to beat the best?
Psyche Investment can help with sports performance in many ways!
Let me tell you some of these.

As said by David Brailsford, the British Cycling performance director, “True champions’ aren't just people who get up and win all the time. The champion is someone who can deal with the setbacks, turn it round, not be defeated.” This ability to believe in this positive mental attitude and focus is a powerful force and support to any sports person; the weekend sports participant, the amateur performer and the professional alike. The reason it is powerful to all levels of sports people is because it comes from within; it is totally unique to each individual performer.

Bjorn Borg the tennis great is quoted as saying, "My greatest point is my persistence. I never give up in a match. However down I am, I fight until the last ball. My list of matches shows that I have turned a great many so-called irretrievable defeats into victories." Again, emphasising the resilient mental attitude and the ability to use your own inner resources to your own advantage.

This ability to have belief, a positive mental attitude, to be resilient and to re-focus proves itself to be effective in many aspects of the sports persons life. Pre-performance anxiety and fear can be experienced by some athletes prior to an actual event/competition etc draining them of vital energy and reducing their mindset. At some ages in the life cycle of a sports person, lack of training, practice and dedication can be experienced; each of us can experience off days but being distracted, losing focus or motivation are major issues in the life of sports. These types of experiences can very quickly then lead to lack of confidence or self belief and a resulting increase in insecurities and limiting self belief systems.

With Psyche Investment, the combined approaches of a relaxing atmosphere and friendly but professional approach immediately sets the ambience for you to be open and honest in not only your own perceptions of any issues but also in your own fears, worries and anxieties. We take time discussing any negative thinking, quickly being able to then identify relevant issues specific to you and focus on increasing your belief systems, strengthening your inner resources and rebuilding your own positive mindset.

At Psyche Investment, the combined approaches of experience from years of mental health nursing and counselling, the use of Analytical Hypnotherapy, EMDR (eye movement desensitisation & reprocessing) and the appropriate use of light therapy all enable you to facilitate change and allow you to have a powerful, strong and effective positive mental attitude.

By powerfully improving your precision visualisation, goal achievement strategies, self motivation and confidence as well as increasing your ability to concentrate and focus, you will immediately improve your positive self image and develop an unshakeable self confidence which enhances your own emotional state management and performance.

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