Depressed? Suffering post natal depression? Does the winter blues affect you? Are you SAD?
Are you Bipolar and want help to manage symptoms?

Let Psyche Investment help you manage your moods.

Fluctuating moods are a normal part of life, when these moods become consistently low or depressive, consistently high and elated or in the case of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) related to the winter/lack of sunshine/daylight hours then they can be restrictive to life.

Likewise Bipolar individuals (and lets be clear that there are lots of variations of this disorder) generally experience mania, hypomania or mixed states alternating with clinical depression and eurythmic or normal range of mood over varied periods of time.

A person with bipolar disorder generally tends to experience more extreme states of mood than other people. Moods can change quickly (many times a day) or last for months. People with Bipolar also tend to have very 'black and white' thinking, where everything in life is either a positive aspect or a negative. Mood patterns of this nature are associated with distress and disruption, and a relatively high risk of suicide.

How does Psyche Investment help with mood disorders?

Mood disorders are associated with a variety of cognitive issues. These include difficulty in organising and planning, altered sense of awareness / judgement and at times a reduced ability to judge other people emotions.

Due to the persons altered mood and cognitive judgement they can be further restricted in life as not only internally do they suffer these fluctuations but other people’s reactions to them can be altered. This can lead to more isolation, loneliness and reduced social interaction.

The approaches of EMDR, time line work, analytical hypnotherapy, counselling, solution focus work facilitate change by desensitising events, and reprocessing cognitions and thoughts. This eases the emotional turmoil associated with mood disordered thinking.

The approaches also enable the client to focus on positive aspects of their own self and reinforce confidence and ability.

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