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The aim of Hypnotherapy is to bring about beneficial changes to certain problems which have their origins in the mind by not only tackling the conscious mind but also addressing subconscious attitudes. At PsycheInvestment a unique approach is used by which we address both the conscious and subconscious mind using an agreed approach particular to your individual needs.

Hypnotherapy is used to treat the many different aspects of stress, anxiety, fears and phobias. It can also be used to stop habit formed behaviours and to strengthen a person’s self control. Skills improvement and confidence building also respond well with hypnotherapy and issues such as pain control and emotional healing are also receptive to the use of clinical hypnotherapy.

Where the problems are more complex and there are deeper psychological indications, hypnotherapy can be used in an analytical capacity, to give an insight into the subconscious triggers which can cause many unexplained symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is NOT dangerous, has No side effects and NO drugs are used.

If you are unsure if Psyche Investment can help you then please do get in touch, no question is a silly question and you will only find out if you ask.

So, what is Hypnosis?
Firstly let me assure you; it is not being either "asleep" or "out of control" AND you cannot be made to do or say anything you do not want to. This is part of the reason that your own motivation is a major key to the success of hypnotherapy- YOU need to want to achieve the results; I just provide the means for you! Relaxation is also needed for the hypnotherapy to be successful.

The hypnotic state is an altered state of mind in which it is possible to communicate with the subconscious mind. It is similar to being in a day dream; you are still conscious but your mind is in an altered relaxed state. It is a pleasant state of calmness and deep relaxation where your concentration and awareness are actually heightened.

Think of the mind in 2 main parts; the conscious and the subconscious. Your conscious mind is where all the logical, pro-active, rational planning and thinking goes on. It deals with logic, reason, mathematics, reading, writing, language, analysis and ego.

The subconscious mind reacts very quickly to physical, emotional, real, remembered or imagined events. It is not always rational or appropriate!! It deals with recognition, imagery, visual, creativity, dreams, synthesis, symbols emotions and Id.

Hypnotherapy induces a deeper state of relaxation where the subconscious mind can be receptive to positive suggestion. Each person may experience the state of hypnosis differently so please do not expect to feel yourself suddenly going "under" in a spell like state! Some people feel little more than a deep feeling of calmness and relaxation whilst others report feeling "heavy" and others report feeling "floaty".

It is important to understand what hypnosis is and to relax and concentrate on my voice during your session. This allows me to have the means to also relax the subconscious part of your mind in order for it to be receptive to positive suggestion. Positive suggestion is a positively worded statement or command which is suggested and said to the subconscious mind and aims to assist the change process.

What can I expect?
You have already done the difficult bit- you have made contact and the first step to resolving an issue or problem that has held you back.

Having read the information on the website, the next stage is to get in touch; this can be by website contact form, email or telephone. You have nothing to lose by getting in touch. At this stage we will discuss what you see are the areas you want to improve. We will then arrange a mutually agreed time and place for the first consultation.

At the initial consultation, I will ask you some questions in order for me to gain a better insight into you, your needs and your expectations of Psyche Investment. I will answer any questions you may have and above all I will be honest with you as regards whether Psyche Investment can help you.

It is important to me that you have trust and feel secure in me as your therapist and we need to have a good working relationship for the sessions to have maximum benefit to you.

The first session takes approximately 1 ½ hrs, this allows us time to discuss your needs, answer any questions, agree on an approach and also have the initial hypnotherapy session.

The first hypnotherapy session will focus mainly on inducing a deeper state of relaxation in order for the positive suggestion therapy to take place.

Some times only one session is required (this can be the case in smoking cessation for people who are “light” smokers for example).

In the case where more sessions are required then I will have already informed you of the approximate amount of sessions recommended at the start of your initial session. Subsequent sessions will normally take approximately 45 minutes.

I will always keep you informed of what is going on, the type of therapeutic approaches that are to be used and the approximate number of sessions.

Other Information
Q: How is the state induced?
A: There are several ways to induce hypnosis including voice induction; the use of a particular tone and rate of speech and the use of repeated words which are calming and help the brain to become more relaxed and to ease you into a state of tranquility.

Relaxation techniques are used also and you may be asked to concentrate on your breathing or to imagine a particular vision etc.

Sometimes a means of focus may be used such as a revolving spiral or some other object but don&rsqu;t be disappointed if this is not used as it is just a variation not a necessity.

Q: Can I be hypnotised against my will?
A: NO! I need your full co-operation in order to provide you with hypnotherapy.

Q: Can anybody be hypnotised?
A: Most people can be hypnotised.

The exceptions are those who are mentally subnormal, young children, or those who are ‘high’ on drugs or alcohol. Everybody else (who properly co-operates with the process) can be hypnotised.

Obviously, if somebody cannot understand what is required if them, or if they are resisting for some reason, they will have difficulty entering into hypnosis.

The people who respond best to hypnotherapy are those who have great concentration, imagination and who are self determined to achieve the results!

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