Havening can be described as a type of psychosensory modality based on the fields of neuroscience and neurobiology which uses sensory input which affects the way we perceive information.

We already have:

Psychotherapy- talking healing
Psychopharmacology- drug healing
Psychosensory- is sensory healing – a third pillar of approach!

It is believed that when an event or experience is perceived as traumatic or stressful it becomes encoded in the psyche and the body, often with life altering consequences, Havening touch approaches then help to reframe the thinking and is designed to make changes in the brain in order to de-traumatise and remove from both the psyche and the body, This then removes the emotional memory of a traumatic or stressful life event and its negative effects.

Havening has three main applications;-

1- Is for emotional disturbance
2- Is for wellness, stress management, and peak performance
3- Is as a self-help tool.

Therefore, Psyche Investment can use Havening within a psychotherapeutic setting by professional mental health care qualified practitioners that have been fully trained and certified in Havening.

Havening can also be used as a protocol for coaching sessions, or as a self-help technique and shared with family members and friends.

Ongoing continuing research into Havening is occurring and as such Havening is considered to be alternative or complementary. Information contained in this website is not intended to represent that Havening is to be considered a substitute for seeking professional medical or psychological advice from an appropriate professional health care provider and not a replacement for any medical approaches to your health.

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