The very nature of Public Sector working, places it’s employees at increased exposure to traumatic, stressful and threatening events.

It is good practice for management to be pro-active in accessing services to:
  • · Reduce these exposures
  • · Have an independent service in place to manage the effects
  • · Encourage employees to access support services which meet their needs.

Psyche Investment will be pro-active in addressing these areas and will support employers in meeting their duty to care.

Additional benefits of accessing Psyche Investment include:
  • · Decreasing staff absenteeism levels
  • · Increasing Morale
  • · Reducing costs from bringing in relief / temporary cover
  • · Increasing productivity

For a quick, effective, service which gets results.

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Providing a unique service incorporating Hypnotherapy, EMDR and psychological therapies to Arbroath & surrounding areas.