DON’T assume that work related stress, staff absence etc are not issues for your business to consider!

The truth is stress (and many other issues) will and DO affect EVERY business and cost organisations of all sizes;

  • · Financial Loss
  • · Reduced Productivity
  • · Absenteeism
  • · Low Staff Morale

So what can affect YOUR business?
Whether a self employed sole trader / lone worker or a national organisation, your business can be affected by;
  • · Workplace Stress / Bullying / Harassment Issues
  • · Violence
  • · Accidents / Incidents

And other issues, can all be factors. The effect of any of the above can be profound and devastating.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel conducted research showing that half of employees in an organisation felt that bullying was an issue.

Add into this equation the other issues above, then the cost to YOUR business is clearly evident.

Being preventative and proactive by accessing the independent services of Psyche Investment is not only cost effective but business effective and staff effective.

For a service that gets results:

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