What is a major critical incident?

A major critical incident is any situation / event which is unpredictable and where the people involved may be exposed to threatening / life threatening occurrences.

They can occur in a person’s personal life and / or their employment / business life.

The people / person involved may well feel powerless, overwhelmed, frozen or even just running on automatic pilot.

The effects of a major critical incident are not always felt at the time.

It is important to recognise when a major critical incident has occurred and to then address this and have in place constructive and effective strategies which effectively desensitise the person / persons to the incident and the memory / emotional attachments involved. Examples of some possible signs / symptoms may include;

  • · Social and / or emotional withdrawal
  • · Flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, hallucinations
  • · Sleep disturbance, nightmares etc
  • · Hyper vigilance / hyper arousal
  • · Increased anger
  • · Use of alcohol, drugs
  • · Feeling of pending doom
  • · Inability to concentrate
  • · Labile mood / mood swings
  • · Numbing

Examples of some types of major critical incidents include:
  • · Assaults
  • · Violence
  • · Abuse; physical, sexual / rape and domestic abuse
  • · Bullying / intimidation
  • · Suicides
  • · Witnessing crime
  • · Environmental issues; natural disasters- floods, earthquakes, fires etc

There is much evidence to support that early recognition of a major critical incident and appropriate psychological interventions reduce the trauma / distress experienced.

This requires a skilled and professional approach based on sound knowledge and clinical effectiveness.

EMDR in which the EMDR Association UK & Ireland only permits mental health professional to specialise in) is recognised by NICE (The National Institute of Clinical Excellence) as a preferred modality in treating PTSD and many other anxiety states which are a frequent symptom following a major critical incident.

Psyche Investment, EMDR is used alongside the effective Fast Phobia Cure utilised in Analytical Hypnotherapy and together these approaches can effectively remove the auto contractile effect.

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