Workplace violence and workplace stress affects all professionals, all ages, both sexes and all disciplines working within the emergency services, NHS/HSS, Social Work and Prison Sector.

Employees within these environments are routinely working in highly stressed and volatile / unpredictable work settings. Often, in the line of daily work being exposed to threatening, distressing situations and at times major critical incidents.

Repeated exposure to these environments / situations can increase symptoms of stress, trauma and if left unrecognised / treated can lead to not only absence from work but also other additional health issues or increased unhealthy behaviours; alcohol consumption, drug abuse, gambling etc.

The effects have a costly consequence to the workplace and the wider external environment.

As an employer, you have a duty of care to employees, let the effective approaches of Psyche Investment enable you to increase that duty of care and:

  • · Reduce Staff Absence
  • · Reduce Workplace Stress
  • · Increase Morale
  • · Increase Productivity
  • · Reduce Costs Incurred

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