Would your company benefit from Less Staff Absence?
Do you plan to have a cost effective year?
Are you interested in a totally unique support service?

These are challenging times for any budget conscious organisation / profession, and you undoubtedly answered yes to the above.
My service at Psyche Investment is not only unique and effective in approach but also professional and focused towards meeting individual and corporate needs.

What can Psyche Investment offer?

Staff support services:
Aimed at staff members who are at risk of absence from work / currently absent.
Proactively working towards reducing absence costs.

The staff support services available through Psyche Investment are not only totally unique but also effective and varied.
1-1 consultations: The 1-1 sessions are by far the most popular approaches to staff support as each session specifically targets issues for that particular individual; therefore producing the most powerful and effective results and enabling quicker return to work.
The 1-1 sessions include a thorough assessment of needs then an agreed plan of approaches which can include utilising skills such as EMDR, Analytical Hypnotherapy, Counselling and/or CBT based approaches and can include the use of Light Therapy if assessed as appropriate.
The aim is to improve health and enable a swift and effective return to work.

To discuss your companies needs and for further details regarding cost then please do contact me and I will be happy to discuss options more fully.

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Providing a unique service incorporating Hypnotherapy, EMDR and psychological therapies to Arbroath & surrounding areas.