Hello and welcome to Psyche Investment, bespoke approach to treating Trauma, Anxiety, Addictions and enabling YOU to facilitate positive personal change.

The very fact you are reading this, is a sign of your interest and motivation to either learn more or to re-gain control over something in a supportive way.

My aim is to give you the means to succeed by providing you with a unique, personal and totally confidential service. With my professional but friendly approach, I will listen to your needs, discuss the best approaches available to you and then using a combined approach of therapeutic EMDR and hypnotherapy, aim to bring the means to you to reach an effective outcome. The process is not a magic cure however! YOU need to work with me, be involved and most of all be motivated to succeed.

We have all experienced occasions of worry, stress and anxiety, however, sometimes these feelings or negative thoughts can be damaging and result in a lack of confidence and increasing self consciousness.

Whether you suffer from social or “free-floating” anxieties such as; a general lack of confidence, lack of self believe, fear of speaking in public or at interviews.

Or you may be feeling the negative effects of stress such; as irritable bowel, anxiety/panic attacks, job related stress/ family stressors, bereavement and loss, insomnia.

Or indeed it may be a specific fears/phobia that is restricting you such as; agoraphobia, fear of flying, driving, spiders, needles etc

Psyche Investment will aim to help you learn new techniques to combat the fear and re-gain control over you own self.

Psyche Investment techniques can be used to address habit formed behaviours that you are now determined to take responsibility for and to stop. Psyche Investment does not offer a magic cure though, YOU need to provide the motivation and willingness to change.

Some examples of habit formed behaviours that have been addressed include;

  • Alcohol/ substance issues; people with formed dependency can benefit from Psyche Investment input due to the combined therapeutic approaches used i.e. suggestion therapy with reinforcement or analytical therapy which all attempt to reach the subconscious attitude.
  • Weight loss/dietary issues ALSO bulimia, anorexia nervosa and over eating sufferers can be strongly supported in their road to recovery
  • Enuresis (daytime wetting), nocturnal enuresis (night time wetting) and encopresis (soiling)
  • Stuttering and/ or stammering
  • General habits; nail biting, cheek biting, thumb sucking

Psyche Investment can help with a wide variety of problems, symptoms and performance improvements. The following is by no means an exhaustive list. If you cannot see what you would like help with please ask and I can advise.

  • Academic issues/ Exam nerves
  • Driving test anxieties
  • Interview presentation
  • Sales/ business performance
  • Sports performance

Psyche Investment can effectively help you to take control over pain management and also learn techniques to help you through life’s events in a more empowering way. The following list is not exhaustive and if you wish to discuss any issues further then please do feel free to contact me.

  • Child birth –
    • Ante-Natal (Including Morning Sickness)
    • Control of Pain in Labour
    • Post-Natal Recovery
  • Healing
  • ME and MS symptoms-pain and fatigue
  • Menopause Symptom
  • Pain Relief or Control
  • PMS
  • Relationship issues, jealousy, anger management